Certified Green Building

GREEN BUILDING is simply creating a more energy and water efficient high-performance home with healthier indoor air quality – which also reduces impact to the environment. Green Building is also commonly referred to as “Eco-Friendly Homes”, “Sustainable Homes”, “High Efficiency Homes”, and “Building Science”. At HR Johnson Homes, we offer the option to obtain Green Building Certification from the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) as part of our Custom Home Packages or simply opt for handcrafting a traditional custom home with handpicked energy and water efficient features for low maintenance and cleaning, cost savings, and improved lifestyle for homeowners.

AS AN ENERGY STAR PARTNER AND MEMBER OF THE GREEN BUILD COUNCIL (GBC) AND NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HOME BUILDERS (NAHB), HR Johnson Homes obtains Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Emerald level of Green Building Certification based on a strict adherence to the National Green Building Standard guidelines – which indicate the home is designed and constructed to a high degree of energy, resource, and water efficiency with minimal environmental impact that includes use of certain recycled building materials and components that contain recyclable contents (for future recycling rather than placement into landfills as waste).

AT THE SAME TIME, the use of Green Building principles and guidelines to handcraft a custom home does not hinder or prevent the use of magnificent architectural styles, smartly engineered functional spaces, state of the art amenities, and luxurious interior designs. Rather, Green Building principles and guidelines focus on the performance of the operation the home by managing efficient heating and cooling, control of damaging moisture intrusion, limiting or preventing energy loss through air leakage, improving indoor air quality, expanding water conservation, enhancing structural durability, and increasing over all home sustainability – all of which support a healthy, more comfortable, and highly energy (and water) efficient environment with low maintenance and cleaning that contribute to improved lifestyle, reduced stress, and increased cost savings for homeowners.

OUR MISSION is to handcraft the highest quality custom homes for our clients with the option to create a high-performance home through application of building science and cutting edge technology that is verified through certification under the transparent National Green Building Standard. Notably, the National Green Building Standard contains the most rigorous and consistent national Green Building Certification rating system for residential buildings.

For more detailed information regarding our certified Green Building program, contact HR Johnson Homes today!